Dr. Joseph Emmanuel Reginald Lena
Born : 1 May 1959 — Died : 10 November 2017
Joseph Emmanuel Reginald Lena was born in Thannaamunai Batticaloa and was residing in Scranton Pennsylvania(USA). He passed away peacefully on Friday November 10th  2017.

He faithfully practised anaesthesiology at Wayne Memorial Hospital in Pennsylvania for twenty-two years.

He is the Son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Sebastian Manuel Lena, and Gloria Chelliah Rasamanikkam.

Beloved Father of Joachim.

Affectionate Brother of Bonaventure, Mangalam, Athisayam, Ilango, Nirmala, Kala, Jothy, Manjula, Thanemoli & Angelo.

He will also be missed by his in-laws, nieces and nephews, his colleagues, and his many grateful patients.

"His loss is deeply felt by all those who knew him.  May the Good Lord bless him and keep him under His wings. May he Rest in Peace".

This Notice is Provided for all Family and Friends.
Angelo — Canada